Thursday, 24 November 2011

For the menfolk

Modern Burl is about more than just the ladies. In fact, the MB collective was founded by 3 of our burlier counterparts over very manly drinks one cold January. (OK truth be told, they were kir royales.)

For the good men of Whitehorse and the gals (and guys) who love them, we've got some excellent gift options.

A natty professor cardigan with leather elbow pads

The essential guide to form, function and ennui from the creators of Unhappy Hipsters (a Modern Burl fave)

Stop Talking calling cards. For times when a kick under the table is just not enough.

Man bling. Handmade in silver and wood.

Super awesome wolf shadow puppet hand screened t-shirt.

Cutting Board. For meat.

Wood shaker table (available in ash). For displaying manly knick knacks.

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